Local Dog Training Classes

Updated: 01/15/17 02:53:34 PM

If you are someone who works overtime a lot, bring your dog for daycare at our doggie campus.

Updated: 01/14/17 06:19:06 AM

Leaving your dog home by himself can cause him to act out and destroy things, even though he's a nice dog.

Updated: 01/13/17 07:42:58 PM

We train all our puppies with positive reinforcement to help create a stress free environment when you take him home. We have lots of games that are meant to teach your dog obedience and stimulate his mind.

Updated: 01/12/17 03:11:33 AM

When you watch our live video feed you will see how loving our staff members are with all the dogs.

Updated: 01/10/17 01:10:29 PM

If you haven't given your dog a flea treatment, we can give him one at our daycare doggie spa. A doggie bath can be lots of fun when he has it at our doggie day spa.

Updated: 01/10/17 12:08:22 PM

We can do a flea treatment and give your dog a shampoo while he's enjoying our daycare.

Updated: 01/09/17 01:37:16 PM

When your dog is ready for a nap, there are quite suites where he can listen to soothing music and relax. If you come home and your dog has chewed up your shoes or turned your house into a disaster area, you need to look at other options.

Updated: 01/07/17 05:25:21 PM

We have certified professional dog trainers on staff who can teach your dog to listen to you.

Updated: 01/06/17 07:56:27 AM

Let your dogs have fun while you're at work by playing with other dogs at our doggie daycare center. When you want your dog to follow your lead and not need a leash, we can teach him how to do that.

Updated: 01/05/17 03:12:29 AM

We can give your dog a shampoo and brush him so he's nice and clean when he comes home to you.

Updated: 01/03/17 09:01:38 AM

Learning to run and play with other dogs is a good way to socialize him so he doesn't jump at people when you take him for a walk. We have people on staff who are dog lovers and they love their job of playing with the dogs all day long.

Updated: 01/02/17 02:41:50 AM

We have indoor classrooms and outdoor classrooms where safety is always our fist concern. We will never put your dog or your puppy in harm's way when they're boarding with us.

Updated: 12/31/16 11:37:14 PM

If you have an aggressive dog that needs training, make an appointment to talk to one of our obedience counselors.

Updated: 12/30/16 11:33:52 AM

Bringing your dog for boarding doesn't need to be scary for you or your dog. We offer doggie daycare and the best boarding facility you'll find anywhere.

Updated: 12/29/16 08:35:24 AM

We have live webcam feeds where you can see your dog playing and having fun.

Updated: 12/27/16 10:20:00 PM

When you'd like your dog to get some exercise during the day and be able to run and play with other dogs, you can bring him to our doggie campus.

Updated: 12/26/16 04:49:40 AM

Remember to make an appointment for a shampoo and nails before you bring your pooch in for the day.

Updated: 12/24/16 08:48:58 AM

There is a scheduled nap time and snacks during the day and dinner in the evening for all boarded dogs.

Updated: 12/23/16 11:46:58 AM

You can think of our doggie daycare campus as dog sitting, but it's really so much more.

Updated: 12/21/16 05:03:25 PM

If you leave your pooch home by himself all day long, he may end up with separation anxiety and be very naughty. If you are someone who works overtime a lot, bring your dog for daycare at our doggie campus.

Updated: 12/21/16 03:28:36 AM

It's not all fun and games when you bring your dog for daycare.

Updated: 12/21/16 01:53:34 AM

Doggie daycare is a great way to give your dogs an outlet so they're not so anxious to play all night long.

Updated: 12/21/16 12:47:13 AM

There is a lot of unique group play where your dog will participate in games with other dogs. We have training programs where your dog will learn social skills so he'll be calmer when you take him out for walks or to the park.

Updated: 12/20/16 11:17:08 PM

Pet sitting for the weekend is something we do with professional dog trainers and a loving staff.

Updated: 12/20/16 09:56:25 PM

We train all our puppies with positive reinforcement to help create a stress free environment when you take him home.

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local dog training classes